Jennifer Nelson


1999 MFA, University of California, Los Angeles, CA
1996 BFA, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, CA
94-92 École Supérieure d’Art Visuel, Geneva, Switzerland
1992 École des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris: Summer workshop in Bordeaux
         under the direction of Thierry de Duve


Ballet: Maggie Black, The Joffery Workshop, Pennsylvania Ballet School, Evanston
         School of Ballet
Contemporary: Ohad Naharin, Mari Kajiwara
Butoh: Minako Seki, Yumiko Yoshioka
Boxing: Sonny Marson, Ernie Marson
T’ai chi: Mr. Leung
Yoga: Chuck Miller, Jasmine Lieb, Alexander Technique


2003 Guggenheim Fellow for Visual Arts
2003 Artist in Residence, Stiftung Laurenz-Haus, Basel, Switzerland


2005 The 10th Amendment Project, Carl Berg Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
         Marking Time, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions and Getty Museum,
         Los Angeles, CA
2004 100 Artists See God, International Curators Exhibition, traveling exhibition
         Anti-Contemporary Art Festival, Kuopio, Finland
2003 Compilation I, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Germany
         Stuff From LA and Other Places, Christine Koenig Gallery, Vienna
         Auto-Repeat, Carl Berg Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
         An Interest in Life, Apex Gallery, New York, NY
2002 A Show That Will Show That a Show Is Not Only a Show, The Project,
         Los Angeles, CA
         Beyond Sound Festival, Beyond Baroque Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
         WWJD, Cherry de los Reyes Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
         Full Nelson, Performance Festival at the Palace Theater, Los Angeles, CA
2001 SEEING, Los Angeles County Museum – Lab C-Level, Los Angeles, CA
         Enthusiast Beyond Baroque – Working Group, Beyond Baroque Foundation,
         Los Angeles, CA
         Song Poems, Cohan, Leslie and Brown Gallery, New York, NY
         Beyond Baroque – Working Group, Beyond Baroque Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
2000 Girls, Girls, Girls, Hartsook House Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
1999 LA Edge Festival, Bergamont Station, Santa Monica, CA
         Time Time Time, Durational Performance Festival, Toronto, Canada
         MFA Thesis Exhibition, New Wight Gallery UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
1998 Elevator, Steffany Martz Gallery, New York, NY
         Seven Videotapes, Ursala Krinzinger Gallery, Vienna, Austria
1997 2451 Harrison Gallery, San Francisco, CA
         Big Event, World Arts and Cultures, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
1996 Snacks, ACME Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1995 Council of Constance, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco, CA
         0-1 (Zero to One), ACME Gallery, San Francisco, CA
         Process/Ecstatic Motion, Secession Gallery, San Francisco, CA


2002 Harmonic Engagement, 3 Part, site specific, operatic debates
2001-03Beyond Baroque Working Group, on-going group actions
2000 Practicing McCarthy, study and instructional sessions
1998 Attempting Symmetry in an Asymmetrical World, Month – long attempt at
         symmetrical living
         Symmetrical Eating Instructions, Performances at UCLA Art Graduate Studios,
         Los Angeles, CA
1997 Temping, Video installation from The Office Team Temps, UCLA Art Graduate Studios,
         Los Angeles, CA
         The Office Team Temps, 3 – day performance with hired temporary workers,
         Los Angeles, CA
         Car (Sunrise/Sunset and Upper – vertebrae study), Video installation, UCLA Art
         Graduate Studios, Los Angeles, CA
1996 Business Walk, 8 – hour performance at California Plaza, Los Angeles, CA
         Clock, Performance with Glen Redpath, part of the “NAFTA Series,” San Miguel, Mexico
1994 Tunnel, Performance in Broadway Tunnel, San Francisco, CA
         Equilibrium, Action/performance in Death Valley and the San Francisco Art Institute,
         San Francisco, CA


2003- Dekalogue-Bill of Rights, 10 Part Choreographic Inquiry of the Bill of Rights
         Pre-emptive Engagements, Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, circulatory exercises with
         Michael Wilson/Natalie Zimmerman
2000 Miss UCLA Y2K, Royce Hall, Los Angeles, director Micol Hebron
1994-2000 Motion Studies, on-going Experimental Film, director Mark Wilson
1993 Watersong, Le Grutli, Geneva, Switzerland, dance collaboration with
         Cindy Van Acker
         Air Pockets and Other Moments, Ballet du Grand Theatre de Geneve’s “Young
         Choreographers” Geneva, Switzerland, dance collaboration with Stijn Celis


93-91 Ballet du Grand Théatre de Genève’, Geneva Switzerland
89-87 Field Ballet, New York City


Nelson, Jennifer, “Reality Needs Changing,” Memorycage Editions, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 2003
Michely, Viola, ‘Compilation I,’ Kunstforum, Germany, March – May 2003
Mir, Aleksandra, “Corporate Mentality,” Lukas & Sternberg, New York, 2003
Murakami, Takeshi, ‘1998 Fall L.A. Art Scene News,’ Studio Voice Multi – Media Mix Magazine,
         Japan, December 1998
Thompson, Mungo, ‘Elevator’ catalogue, Steffany Martz Gallery

Jennifer Nelson
A Federalist Storyboard
Lightjet print face-mounted on Plexiglas
39" x 72"

Jennifer Nelson
Ultrachrome print
22" x 22"

Jennifer Nelson
Ultrachrome Print
22" x 22"

Jennifer Nelson
Mild Influence of Magistry
Ultrachrome print
20" x 40"

Jennifer Nelson
Ultracrhome print
18" x 30"

Jennifer Nelson
Ultrachrome print
20" x 40"

Jennifer Nelson
The Terms of Their Contract
Ultrachrome print
30" x 18"

Jennifer Nelson
Ultrachrome print
22" x 22"

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